And the Rest Is Drag + Guerita & Prietita at Northeastern

And the Rest is Drag Directed by Melisa Brittain, Shani Mootoo, and Danielle Peers
Guerita & Prietita
Directed by: Kathy High and Shani Mootoo
March 28, 2018 from 6:00pm - 8:00pm
325 Shillman Hall

And the Rest is Drag explores gender from the perspective of drag kings who consciously and politically queer their gender, both on and off stage. Using an eclectic mix of performance footage, still photography, and interviews with members of the Alberta Beef Drag King Troupe and gender theorists, the film draws audiences into the sexy, rebellious, and sometimes humorous world of drag kinging. And the Rest is Drag questions how different experiences of race, class, size, sexuality, and ability inform our many-gendered identities, and invites viewers to do the same. Created by three gender-queer filmmakers (including a member of the Alberta Beef Drag King Troupe), this film examines a range of approaches to the performance of masculinity, and the meanings that these performances have for both the kings and the filmmakers.

Güerita & Prietita, are terms used in Oaxacan parlance to mean foreign white woman and dark skinned woman, respectively... "ita" is a suffix that connotes affection. 

A white New York woman (of Scottish descent) and a Canadian woman (of South Asian descent) are the quintessential post-colonial lesbian-videomaker-tourists. Through well considered framing, not-framing and editing choices the two women attempt to make themselves vulnerable to that elusive space between looking and forming an opinion. This assemblage of extended shots and ambient soundtracks of Oaxaca City (Mexico) is foregrounded alongside hints of a budding love affair between güerita and prietita.
Occasional brief poetic texts sensously reveal the dynamic between High and Mootoo and positions them not so much within the frame as companions along side of it.

Films to be followed by Q&A discussion with director Shani Mootoo