WGS.145 - Globalization: The Good, the Bad and the In-Between

(Same subject as 21L.020[J]
Prereq: None
Units: 3-0-9
Lecture: TR3-4.30 (4-24914E-310
Examines the cultural paradoxes of contemporary globalization. Studies the cultural, artistic, social and political impact of globalization across international borders. Students analyze contending definitions of globalization and principal agents of change, and why some of them engender backlash; identify the agents, costs and benefits of global networks; and explore how world citizens preserve cultural specificity. Case studies on global health, human trafficking and labor migration illuminate the shaping influence of contemporary globalization on gender, race, ethnicity, and class. Develops cultural literacy through analysis of fiction and film. Enrollment limited. 
M. Resnick
Textbooks (Fall 2016)