WGS.S10 - Marginalized Masculinities

Prereq: None
U (Spring)
3-0-9 units
Can be repeated for credit.

Lecture: MW 11-12:30
Room: 14E-310

Throughout U.S. history, the perception of masculinity and manhood has traditionally been rooted in White, elite, heterosexual masculinities. Discussions surrounding economically marginalized White men and men of color while limited are usually rooted in stereotypes, tropes, and limited narratives often constructed by the aforementioned dominate male. As such, this course will focus on what it means to be a marginalized boy/man. While the abundance of course examples will be rooted in a U.S. context, we will address global masculinities. Paying particular attention to the way class, race, sexuality, religion, citizenship, ability and other identities intersect to influence these realities, we will consider how these images have changed or remained static over time.

K. Gray