Kampf Prize Past Recipients

2018-19 Nailah Smith “Watermelons”
2017-18 Daniel Guberek "Houses in Motion" and Jae Hyun Kim “Situating Cassy Within Stowe’s Feminist Ideology”
2016-17    Anonymous "New Light"
2015-16    Gailin (Lin) Pease "Casey"
2015-16    Harini Suresh "Throwing (and Thinking) Like a Girl"
2014-15    Abraham Bauer "The Rise and Fall (and Rise and Fall) of Transgender"
2014-15    Hannah Pang "Story Dates"
2013 -14   Alicia Singham Goodwin    "Realism in Feminist Pornography"
2013    Roseanne Chanchall    "Cyber Harassment as Social Control"
2012    Erin Bailie    "Gender Normalizing Surgery for Intersex Infants: A Patient's Need or Parent's Need?"
2011    Jia Zhu    "Beauty: The Inner Beast"
2009    Matthew Cohen    "Gender and Power in 'Psycho'"
2009    Minah Shahbaz    "Freedom?"
2008    Caroline Rubin    "The Gendered Language of Gamete 'Donation.'"
2007    Susan Wilson    "Speaking Unspeakable Thoughts and Breaking Invisible Barriers: Motherhood and Language in 'As I Lay Dying' and 'Beloved'"
2006    Aayesha Siddiqui    "Gendered performance and systems of knowledge/power: A Foucauldian analysis"
2005 Faye Kasemset    "Strange Bedfellows: Woolf's Feminism and Strindberg's Misogyny."
2005    Jocelyn Rodal    "Clementine"
2004    Elizabeth Boyle    "The Feminization of Teaching in America"
2003    Heather Fireman    "The Dark Past Keeps Returning: Gender Themes in Neo-Noir"
2003    Annemarie Sheets    "Has Feminism Changed Science? A Biological Perspective"
2002    Marion Jones    "Trial and Imprisonment"
2002    Winnie Yang    "Across-the-Bridge Noodles"
2001    Sondra Miles    "The Missing Heroine: Women in Early Westerns"
2001    Vis Taraz    "Kiss"
2000    Rebecca Loh    "Ordinary"
2000    Megan Galbraith    "The Shadow Woman: Who is Mary Gordon?"
1998    Rita Leung    "A Figure in Steam and Smoke"
1997    Lily Koo    "Interrupted Beginning"
1996    Marwan M. Kazimi    "Depression and Gender"